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We stand at the doorstep of our most exciting time in history. In the last decades the world has made great progress. Accelerating technology opens new opportunities for everyone.

Despite this, most of all people are pessimistic about the future. We are going to change that. The journey of humanity has just begun. We will make the future come sooner.


Ideas to Revolutionize The Globe – and Beyond

Warp Institute is building the world's largest community for optimists.

If you bring one million optimists together, the world’s most exciting ideas will be born. Ideas that will revolutionize the globe – and beyond. We are building an ecosystem of knowledge, tools, and capital to realize these ideas. A global moonshot factory.

About Us

An optimistic and entrepreneurial team

Warp Institute is a foundation registered in Stockholm, Sweden, co-founded and chaired by Mathias Sundin, Member of Parliament.

Other co-founders are Patrik Nyström, entrepreneur; Kristian Hultqvist, senior PR consultant; Jesper Peterson, marketeer; Christoffer Littorin, Managing Director Dugga India; Waldemar Ingdahl, journalist; Peter Kjällkvist, political communicator.

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